PCB Designing and Art work

PCB Design and Art work is made on one of the most versatile software circuitmaker.

PCB Design can be made from drawings, semantic diagram, pcb samples, etc.

Technical Specification

Specification Standard
Maximum Board Size 600mm X 520mm
Maximum Number Of Layer 2 Layer (DSPTH)
Minimum Conductor Width 12 mils (0.3mm)
Minimum Conductor Spacing 12 mils (0.3mm)
Minimum Plated Hole Size 16 mils (0.4mm)
Board Thickness Tloerence 10%
Drill Tloerences
0.5 - 2.5mm (+/-) 0.05mm
> 2.5mm (+/-) 0.10mm
Size Tloerences
< 150mm (+/-) 0.10mm
> 150mm (+/-) 0.20mm
Product Finish
Singal Side HAL / TIN
Double Side HAL / TIN BBT
Solder Mask Finish SM OBC / PISM
Solder Mask Colour Green / White / Blue / Red / Black
Legent Colour White / Black
Product Raw Material
Singal Side FR4 , CEM1, MC PCB
Double Side FR4
Fixible 0.2MM FR4